“My son Owen has taken tennis from Kurt Kujawa since 2008.  KTA has enabled him to improve his tennis skills considerably.  More importantly, Owen has developed a true love of the game.”
-Jaye Johnson (Parent)
“Kurt Kujawa has been an excellent tennis instructor for my children. Over the past 10 years he has motivated and greatly improved their skills.”
- Sandra Black

“Greg attended Kurt’s camp for the first time last summer. What we really like is that Kurt not only teaches fundamentals, he teaches winning tennis.”
- Don Beauchamp

“Katlin has been attending camp and taking lessons from Kurt for the last 5 years. Under his guidance her skills and confidence have increased tremendously. When she plays now she expects to win.”
- Polly Kopp

“The fun and varied activities of the camps provide a learning environment in which accomplishments are praised and areas of improvement are remedied with individualized instruction and encouragement.”
- Maureen Harvey