USTA Junior Team Tennis league for April and May.

Parents and Coaches,

Fran Powers is organizing a short USTA Junior Team Tennis league for April and May. The purpose of this league is to qualify for the state tournament in Murfreesboro.  She has worked this tournament several years. It is a fun tournament with a lot of play. Last year 572 players registered from all areas of the state. This is a competitive intermediate tournament. Please read the league details carefully.
- 14 and under only. August 31, 2012 is the age up date. If you are 15 before August 31, you will need to play up.
- at least 3 boys and 3 girls per team   More players are allowed, but playing time must be divided between all registered players.  Strategy is important here.
- tournament dates are July 27 – 29, 2012  in Murfreesboro   When you agree to be on a team in this league you are committing to that tournament
- At least 6 and not more than 8 competitive teams for this league will be allowed to register. We will be including teams from middle Tennessee
- This league will play three Sundays beginning at 2pm in April and May at Swan Lake in Clarksville. Each league date will include two team matches. The dates will be determined
as teams register.
- To qualify for the state tournament each player must play at least three matches for their team.
- This will be a short, organized league. The purpose of this league is to qualify for the state tournament.
- With six teams, the league cost will be $15 per player. This will cover court costs, balls, background checks and tennislink charges. USTA membership will be required.
- Captains/Coaches will be allowed to coach during this league. We will follow the same guidelines used for the state tournament. She will get a copy of those rules to each captain.
It will be important to put together your best team. This will not be our regular school specific format.
Please don’t hesitate to call her.
Please let her know if you intend to organize a team.
Fran Powers
Clarksville Tennis Association Junior Coordinator